'Simply - Give it a Break' for 5 Hours on MoodOff Day - Sunday 25 February 2024

'Simply - Give it a Break'
Go for 5 Hours Without Your Phone

MoodOff Day - 25 February 2024
'Simply - Give it a Break'

Go without your smartphone for just 5 hours - Could you?

Get your partner, children, family, friends or colleagues to join in - no phone for just 5 hours!
Find out if you are addicted to your device or not.

If you tend to do any or all of these - you are most likely SmartPhone addicted!

...like it or not...   You are!

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Last thing at night...

We get it - we all live busy lives and we want to connect and catch up on social media, emails and things, but when we lose sleep or quality time over our devices, we are simply not making the best choices - are we?
Research shows that 82% of smartphone users are on their devices first thing in the morning and last thing at night. We could think of at least 7 other things to do at these times...   ;)

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Let's Hang Out

Before smartphones we actually spend time with our friends when we went to hang out. Watching a movie was probably the most unsocial thing. Now, however, when we catch up with friends we do so sitting next to each other yet interacting through our smartphones. What ever happened to just talking, doing funny stuff and mischief to entertain each other... 

You can have fun without Memes, Gifs or Youtubers...  Or can you?

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'Oh, just one quick text...'

Is all it takes to have an accident. It is said that almost 2/3 of accidents that happen are due to distracted drivers and a large proportion of this is attributed to smartphone use while driving. Sure, a little scare here, or a little bump there is not the end of the world, yet when we see 20% of fatalities among young drivers involve mobile phones - we have to do something.

Surely, the text or message can wait...  Help us raise more awareness of the danger of texting while driving.


Pledge Today! Try to go without your phone for 5 hours - could you?

Smartphone Addiction Is Real

More and more evidence is emerging about the impact of our smartphones. Don't get us wrong, we love them too, however when we look at the social impact, the cyber-bullying that remains largely undetected, the countless accidents and fatalities due to texting while driving and that we see our youngsters now throwing tantrums over iPhones and tablets rather than sweets or toys - and it is easy to see that the impact of our smart devices has grown to epidemic proportions.

Nothing wrong with using these clever devices, yet when they degrade our social etiquette, rob our latest generation of social skills and impede on our meals and time with family, friends and partners, it is time to take back control and be smart about using our phones - and not let us be ruled by them.

MoodOff Day was founded in 2011 in Sydney Australia and has quickly grown to an international awareness day with followers and participants in 26 countries (and counting) reaching in access of 300 million people and 18 000 active facebook followers....  

But it is not about clicking 'Like' and being done with it, it is about bringing to each of us our own awareness of just how ruled we are by our devices. So, come Sunday the 25th February 2024, we encourage you, your family and friends to simply go without for 5 hours. Easy - right!

You will find out on the day - just how easy or not it is. How addicted you might be to your device.

And, please help us reach more people, to minimize the impact of the smartphone epidemic, reduce the accidents and lives lost due to texting while driving, reduce cyber bullying and most of all - help our kids develop healthy social skills in real-time, real-life - not cyber space.

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Busy Role Models

Our lives are busy and demands are tugging away at us from all sides, especially with young children. And, while we multitask away through our days we may not realise just what we are role modelling and teaching our little ones...  Do we really want them to think that technology comes first...  that it is acceptable to be on your devise while you are interacting with the people closest to you? Try leaving your phone until after...

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Can You Go Without?

We know it is hard, and we have all the reasons and excuses in the world to live by our phones, but could you take a break? What would a day look/feel like if we first and foremost connected with the world around us in real time - not through our phones?

Pledge - 5 hours without for MoodOff Day - today!

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Talk to your kids...

...before technology does! In our fast-paced modern digitised world we cannot blame our children for wanting to engage with technology - after all we live it out in front of them day in day out. However, when their behaviours are addictive and technology rules over play time, sweets, and real time, real world engagement, we have to be honest with ourselves and acknowledge that we have a problem.

Phone Addiction in the Media...

Sky News - Tech Report Featuring Moodoff Day

Major media has been reporting on the dangers of smartphone addiction and overuse. When SkyNews invited MoodOff Day founder tapas Senapati and spokesperson Erik Bigalk, it was clear that our message is relevant and needs to be spread further afield. Watch it, share it, become aware of your own behaviour around your smartphone...  

MoodOff Day on At the Table TV

MoodOff Day was featured in talkback show At the table, touching on FOMO (fear of missing out), the growing trend of teens and children to show addictive behaviour around smart devices and just how much they tend to control our lives, our interactions and our conversations. Their negative impact on social etiquette, quality time with friends, family and most importantly our children.

What we are doing about it...

These are just some of our outreach initiatives and programs we are asking support for

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School & Teen Outreach

The fastest growing demographic of smartphone users are school aged children, teens and young adults. Our School Outreach Program is aimed at raising awareness of social impacts, reduce cyber bullying and to prepare for safer driving practices for year 10-12 students.

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Funny, right! But, sad thing is, that 9 out of 10 people say they check their phone while with their partner or when in conversation with them. Worst yet, being present with each other is the fundamental need and foundation for a successful relationship.

MoodOff Day continues to raise awareness of relationship and communication issues impacted by the rampant and untimely use of smartphones.

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Social Etiquette

When is the last time you ate without photographing your food first? When did you simply enjoy a meal without attending to your phone once? Ok, then try this...

Place all your phones in the middle of the table and whoever answers theirs first pays for lunch for ALL!




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MoodOff Day in the Media

MoodOff Day has been featured in countless media since its inception 8 years ago, reaching smartphone users in 26 countries and 4 continents. Apart from the TV coverage and interviews on radio, we have been featured in countless newspapers across Australia, the USA, the UK, Europe, Asia and Pacific. And, in spreading the message even further - please feel free to share any of the articles below on your social media, invite people to our site and facebook page and share the videos below...  Thank you!

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